Touch Craft is a not-for-profit organisation that explores methods of embedding stories into textiles as a way to engage different audiences and contribute towards social cohesion and wellbeing.

Using electronic textiles techniques or Etextiles, gives us the ability to embed electronics and digital capability as component parts of soft, familiar surfaces. We have designed and developed a range of sensory, responsive objects from rugs, blankets and pillows that have been embroidered and enhanced with electronics and sensor technology. The objects are able to produce sound, light or vibro-tactile effects as a response to touch.

Touch Craft have experience in facilitating creative workshops to explore methods of combining textiles and technology. We work with local groups, engaging participants in creative making activities to provide a sense of purpose and motivation. Direct involvement in creative activities gives people a platform to tailor and personalise the objects they develop, building in their voice and stories. We work with participants to implement soft circuits and electronic components to bring the objects to life, making them responsive and personally meaningful.