Sounding Touch: A Sustainable, Responsive, Textile Interface

This work explores methods to digitally embroider textile interfaces that respond to touch and movement to produce an array of gently changing soundscapes. Touch engagement and playful, creative encounters with the surface move beyond hand and fingertips to encourage whole body contact, pressure intensities, duration and spread of touch sensations across cheeks, upper and lower body. It has been produced to consider sustainable, durable concerns in its construction applying modular design approaches.

Sounding Touch, Large-scale floor piece 1m X 1m

Digital embroidery production

The work invites playful touch exploration through the sensual feel of digitally-embroidered, textured fur. The surface elicits gestural behaviour, which feels familiar and natural to us as we touch its surface and explore its dense, volumetric texture. The sensory experience of being in contact with the surface communicates comfort and reassurance, which contribute to feelings of connection to the object.h