Sound Sample Player

This is an analog textile sensor demo box. It plays back mp3 sound files as you manipulate the textile sensor connected to a pair of crocodile clips. Each connection channel is equipped with adjustable voltage dividers (1k-1M ohm range) to select suitable range for the textile sensors. The readings of the sensors are displayed as LED allays.

Hexagonal stitching

Adjusted software file to create a circular pattern of hexagons for the top of the poufe.

Stitched with conductive and non-conductive thread to create sensory surface with digital possibilities for interaction.

Sensory Cushions

The sensory cushions are an exploration of slow craft techniques combined with eTextiles. They are being crafted with the Penryn community craft group and hand stitched with felt and conductive materials. Building in conductivity into the surfaces enables the textiles to become enhanced with digital possibilities so they can play sounds when touched.

Arts Well

We would like to introduce a new partnership with the Social Enterprise Arts Well ( They will share their expertise and experience in championing the role of arts and creativity to promote health and wellbeing and contribute to the ongoing development of Towan eTextiles.

This links to our aims to grow ethical and sustainable practices with local communities in Cornwall. Arts Well outlines: “There’s growing evidence that participation in creative activities transforms lives – improving physical, mental, social and emotional health.”