Create positive environmental and social change through textile practices

Publications and Conference Proceedings


Introducing a Framework for Crafting E-Textiles: Exploring a Material Investigation into Technology

Lucie Hernandez, published in the Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, Volume 10, 2022 – Issue 1


A Framework for Crafting E-textiles, Poster Presentation, E-Textiles Conference, Manchester


Social Sustainability Approaches in Electronic Textile Craft Communities, Greinke, B et. al.
3rd PLATE Conference, Berlin, Germany.

Touch Acoustics: Reflections On Crafting A Sonic Textile InterfaceHernandez, L. 
Textile Intersections, Loughborough University. 

Resonant Threads: Materialising Stories from the CommunityHernandez, L.
Making Futures: Crafting a Sustainable Modernity: Towards a Maker Aesthetics of Production & Consumption. 


Touch Connection: A Vibrotactile, Textile Prototype, Hernandez, L.
Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction, pp136-139, TEI ‘18